A New Era of Entrepeurship With Freedom, Fun, and Flexibility

The entrepreneurial journey can be intimidating, but with the right experiments, mindset, and processes, it's actually quite safe and more structured than you might think. Founder Agent navigates the startup development journey from idea to execution, performing some of the tasks for you.

Tackle mental barriers and embrace the right mindset

We hold a firm belief that everyone holds an entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, the crucial step of committing to an idea often becomes a stumbling block. Our Agent expertly navigates you past these hurdles, ensuring a safe passage.

Find your passion and build for purpose

Passion is crucial in business because it sustains you through tough times. It helps navigate the inevitable lows and delayed gratification on your journey. We help you find a business that suits your strengths and passion.

Test and sharpen your ideas in the market

Follow the mindset of a scientist conducting little experiments. If people like it, take the next step. If not, test another problem to be solved. Our agent helps you test fast and cheaply so you know if it'll be a good business.

It's a team sport - Attract great talent around you

AI will help a lot but not replace everyone, yet. We will see a lot of 5 person teams doing the work of 500 people using AI. But to a degree, business is always going to be a team sport. We'll guide you in pinpointing and attracting the essential skills your team needs.

Follow predictable steps of the entrepreneurial journey

Once you align your passion with market demand, the execution phase begins. We'll craft a personalized roadmap for you to navigate this journey smartly and with fewer headaches.

Navigate fundraising and scaling
with proven models

With years of experience working with investors, we've mastered the funding game. We'll guide you in identifying the right funding source, streamline your approach for external financing, and develop a personalized, easy-to-follow process.

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